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Our thermographic inspection services could save you thousands of dollars. Call us to find out how!


To learn more about the company...

Les Experts Innovateurs, a company specializing in residential renovation, was founded in 2006. Since then, several services were added to the company's offer: thermography, disaster service and the turnkey option. Having grown steadily from the start, we have made every effort to ensure that our expansion does not jeopardize the excellence of our work. We fully recognize that our success rests on our reputation and customer satisfaction. That's why we give it a lot of attention.

The concern for quality of service and work is also what motivated Jonathan Caron, president of Les Experts Innovateurs, to found the company. Growing up in a family working mainly in the construction field, Jonathan Caron chose to go that route too. Jonathan earned the title of Companion at the age of 20, and he quickly became the youngest foreman that was found in the area. After working for some
too big companies of renovation, tired of spending more than half of his time to repair the work of other carpenters working improperly, Jonathan decided to found his own company.

Despite his youth, Jonathan had eight years of experience and had made many contacts with competent specialists of all trades, also tired to work for contractors poorly organized. After qualifying for a scholarship fund for the Young Promoters and receiving his entrepreneurship and his review of the Building Board, Les Experts Innovateurs were ready to offer an efficient and honest service.

Les Experts Innovateurs do not have a flashy showroom, fancy and big offices, nor an army of salespeople. For this reason, we can offer better quality work without being more expensive than our competitors: you do not pay for this luxury. Moreover, when it comes to offer you a good service, we believe you deserve to receive at home, without having to move.

Whether for a project of a few thousand or tens of thousands of dollars, you can rest assured that you will all be equally satisfied, period. We now have over a hundred of satisfied customers who could confirm that for you!