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Our thermographic inspection services could save you thousands of dollars. Call us to find out how!

Thermographic inspections

Your heating bills exasperate you? Your furniture suffer from the humidity in your basement?

You are possibly  victim of a loss or an infiltration of water or air. Through thermographic inspections, using infrared cameras, we can precisely identify the trouble spot without demolishing or even moving anything in your home. This technology also allows us to see all types of water damage, whether caused by damaged roofs or cracked foundations. Our infrared camera inspection will save you lots of money while avoiding unnecessary work.

Service after disaster

Regardless of the damage occurred to your home, we can end this nightmare. With powerful pumps and dryers, we can overcome the worst water damage. If it is the fire that ravaged part of your home, we won't bring it back to its original condition, we will make it better than it was! Since we specialize in residential renovation and expansion, we are used to recreate spaces that must fit together with what existed before. You will remember this incident as the circumstances that allowed you to get a newly renovated space!

We will
also help and assist you when you contact your insurance and we will provide the necessary guarantees to prove that our work will greatly exceed the prescribed standards in residential construction. We will show it to you, a thermographic inspection ensures that there will never be the lesser infiltration in your home.