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Before and After

Here you can see photos and descriptions of some of the projects recently completed by Les Experts Innovateurs
A new skin for your home

Here, we redesigned the exterior of the house, changed the windows, the roof was redone with a new slope and a new brick has been installed. As you can see, the house is unrecognizable.

To decontaminate the basement

After completely removing the floor of the basement contaminated by mold and fungi, we were able to remediate the soil, then do it dry. We then reinstalled the flooring choice of the occupants who can now breathe deeply in peace.

To change what's behind

For reasons of safety and esthetics, here we change the old stairwell which was once the coal box. The result is that the occupants have more space and light, plus a rear access a lot safer.

Makeover for the home

The picture speaks for itself.

Kitchen upgrade

In which kitchen would you rather cook? If you too would like to transform your cooking space, let us know!